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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do the fees I pay to the Minnesota State Bar Association (MSBA) cover my Minnesota lawyer registration fees?
How do I transfer from an Inactive status to an Active status?
My professional liability insurance information has changed; how do I update it?
Do I need to complete the Minnesota trust account information on the Lawyer Registration statement?
What if my Minnesota trust account information has not changed from my last registration statement? Do I still need to complete this section?
Does the Lawyer Registration Office accept electronic payments?
What credit cards are accepted for online payments?
Does the affidavit for Retired or Disabled status need to be notarized?
What happens if I do not complete all the required steps and sign my registration statement?
What happens if I do not complete all the required steps and pay the annual fee by the due date?
Why did I receive a Certificate of Registration letter instead of a license card?
How do I confirm that my registration payment has been processed?
Where can I find the registration terms?
What is the process for resigning from the Minnesota bar?
How do I request a fee waiver?