Annual Lawyer Registration Fees

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Why Do We Pay Annual Fees?
Lawyer Registration fees help pay for expenses related to:

  • The bar examination and character and fitness investigation for admission to the bar
  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Administration of continuing legal education
  • The client security fund
  • Legal services programs
  • Lawyer assistance programs
  • Administration of lawyer registration functions
Lawyer Registration Statements
Lawyer Registration statements are generated quarterly. The due date of your registration statement and fee is based alphabetically on your last name at the time you are admitted.

Even if your last name has changed, the renewal period remains the same.

Alphabetical Group Fee Due Date
A thru E
F thru K
L thru P
Q thru Z
January 1st
April 1st
July 1st
October 1st

At least one month prior to the due date, annual registration statements are mailed to the address you have on file, or if you have elected to pay online, you will receive an email notification. It is your obligation to immediately notify the Lawyer Registration Office if your postal address or your email address changes. Failure to receive a Lawyer Registration statement or notice of registration shall not excuse payment of the fee.

If you have questions about when your fee is due or if you have any past due fees, please contact our office.

Registration Statuses and Fees


Practicing (More than three years in any Jurisdiction) $263
With Yearly Gross Income Less Than $50,000 $234
Admitted to Practice Less than 3 Years (in any Jurisdiction) $121
Not Practicing $217
With Yearly Gross Income Less Than $50,000 $187
Retired Status – Fee Exempt $0
Disabled Status – Fee Exempt $0
Late Penalty for failure to pay the required registration fee by the due date $75
Reinstatement Fee to return from administrative suspension for registration noncompliance $100

Click here to view historic fee schedule.

View Supreme Court order dated June 23, 2021, amending registration fees

View Supreme Court order dated March 12, 2018, amending the statuses

View Supreme Court order dated September 29, 2015 amending registration fees

View Supreme Court order dated March 2, 2011, amending registration fees

View Supreme Court order dated November 4, 2009, amending registration fees

View Supreme Court order dated July 28, 2008, amending registration fees

Pay Your Fees
You can pay your registration fees either online or by mail.


To access the payment system, click here.

Payments made online may be made by either electronic fund transfer from your bank account or by credit card. The online registration system accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, and American Express for payment.

To watch a video tutorial of how to complete your online renewal through OASIS, click here.

By Mail

Registration fees paid by mail must be submitted to our office with a completed, signed registration statement. Any registration statement not fully and properly completed and signed will be sent back to you for completion, and must be resubmitted and received by the filing deadline to be timely.

Registration fees paid by mail must be received by the due date to be considered timely. If your registration statement is not received by the due date, your registration statement and payment will be returned to you for payment of the additional $75 late fee. If the statement, annual fee, and late fee are not received before the first day of the month following the due date, your license will be automatically suspended on that date. There is a $100 reinstatement fee.

Fees paid by mail may be paid by check, money order, or the exact amount of cash.

Please note our office DOES NOT offer payments by phone or a bank’s bill pay service. We also do not accept foreign money orders. To pay by credit card, you must pay online.

Make checks payable to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

How to Confirm Your Payment was Made

Use the Lawyer Registration Database to search for your record and look for the “Last Payment” field. This search is accessible to the public.

You can print receipts for payments made by logging into your OASIS account. Click the Lawyer Registration drop down menu, then click LRO Fees and Receipts. To watch a video tutorial of how to view and print receipts, click here.

Blank Lawyer Registration Statement
Click here to download a blank Lawyer Registration Statement.

Fill out the blank registration form completely. Make sure to include on the front page of the statement: name, address, lawyer ID number.

Do not use this blank registration statement if you have past due fees.

If you have any questions on when your fee is due or if you have any past due fees, please contact our office.

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