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Mailing and Email Address Changes

Phone numbers and fax numbers are not maintained in the Lawyer Registration system.

The Lawyer Registration Office maintains just one public mailing address for each lawyer. Email addresses are not public record information.

Update mailing and email address online

Lawyers can change their mailing and email address through OASIS. Log in, then click My Profile to edit your contact information. You do not need to notify the Lawyer Registration Office if the change is updated through the online system.

Update mailing and email address by mail or email

If you do not update your mailing and email address through OASIS, you can email or mail your changes to our office.

Make sure to include your Lawyer ID Number in your correspondence.

Updated license card

If you would like an updated license card after your address change, click here for instructions.

Update your address in the courts

Address changes made through Lawyer Registration are NOT sent to the appellate or district courts.

You must submit address changes to every court in which you practice and/or have an open case.

Name Changes

Submit your name change through the Online Lawyer Registration System or follow the instructions here.

Reporting Your Professional Liability Insurance

Each active practicing lawyer must report whether the lawyer has professional liability insurance and, if so, must report the professional liability insurance information each year, and when it changes. See Rule 22 of the Rules of the Minnesota Supreme Court on Lawyer Registration for more information.

How to update your professional liability insurance information

If your professional liability insurance information has changed, log in to the Lawyer Registration Portal and update the information found on the left side of the page.

The following questions about liability insurance information must be answered:

1. Do you represent private clients?
Yes or No

2. If yes to Question 1, are you covered by professional liability insurance?
Yes or No

3. If yes to Question 2, who is the primary insurance carrier? (For example: Minnesota Lawyers Mutual)

4. If yes to Question 2, do you intend to maintain professional liability insurance for the next 12 months?
Yes or No

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