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  • Lawyer Registration Rules Amendment

    Effective 7/1/2017, a late fee of $75 will immediately be assessed to any lawyers who do not meet the registration statement deadline. However, there will now be a 1-month grace period before administrative suspension. See the Supreme Court order.


  • LRO and CLE offices seeking competitive bids for software development services.

    The offices of Lawyer Registration and the Board of Continuing Legal Education are seeking competitive bids for software development services. Please visit http://www.mncourts.gov/About-The-Courts/NewsAndAnnouncements/ItemDetail.aspx?id=1437 for more information. Questions and answers, if any, will be posted to the Minnesota Judicial Branch website on ...


  • New monthly admission ceremony location

    Starting February 7, 2017, the monthly admission ceremony is being moved from the Minnesota Judicial Center to the Supreme Court’s courtroom at the Capitol: 27 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., 2nd Floor St. Paul, MN 55155 For more details, visit the ...


  • Non-payment suspension for statements due 1/1/17

    As of January 6, 2017, all unpaid registration fees due January 1, 2017 are considered late and the attorneys’ licenses have been transferred to a non-payment suspension. To remove a non-payment suspension, the registration fee and a $75 late penalty must be paid.  Pay ...


  • Amendments to the Rules of the Supreme Court on Lawyer Registration

    Amendments to the Lawyer Registration Rules have been ordered on September 29, 2015, with an effective date of 1/1/2016. Additional amendments to the Lawyer Registration Rules have been ordered on December 29, 2015, with an immediate effective date.  


  • 2014 LRO Annual Report

    Read the 2014 LRO Annual Report. Some documents require a PDF reader to view properly.